Filmmaking services and video products

Use of the most modern digital cameras and filmmaking equipment

Use of the most updated software of assemble and special effects

Design and production of 2D and 3D animations to illustrate and simulate locations where it impossible to make films.





Production of industrial films

Making industrial films from products, components, machinery, locations of factories, organizations and companies for documentation of industrial projects both real time and daily to show how products are manufactured or services are provided to clients etc.


Production of publicity films

Design and production of TV advertisements and teasers, advertisement reports and publicity short films from goods and services considered.


Aerial filmmaking

Making films from unmanned or manned helicopters (depending on projects) to record exceptional video films from high points with a view of 360 degrees of the environment with ability of flight and filmmaking under roofs or in open areas.


Time lapse – long time filmmaking

Special recording to show in just a few seconds long time events happened during several hours or days with ability to show details of progress of projects to get a better grasp of how they are performed.


Production of info-graphic films (graphic data)

In today's quick World, information, statistics, charts and tables of organizations and companies are illustrated by info-graphic films to show more clearly changes happened during time spans.


Production of promotion films

introduction of new goods and services to clients. The best option to illustrate new goods and services available to clients is use of animation and video special effects.


Production of animation and special effects

Design and production of 2D and 3D animations using the newest software of production of animation and technology of simulation and production of audiovisual special effects to give more credibility to images.


Production of training films

Production of short and long training films to illustrate and teach buyers issues considered by the manufacturer; computer simulation and presentation of 3D films and use of the most modern techniques of visual training for better understanding of viewers.


Video coverage of live programs

Video coverage of live programs without restrictions in terms of the number of cameras, technical equipment and/or use of experienced personnel of live programs for video coverage, documentation and recording of events during seminars, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, administrative and other meetings, official ceremonies of organizations and companies, concerts, artistic programs and similar issues.


Production of presentation films

Production of films and multimedia to present companies in showrooms and waiting rooms.




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