Photography Services
Photography with no restrictions in terms of numbers and dimensions

Ideal quality and resolution (digital 24 mega pixels) – full frame





Industrial photography

Photography of products, components, machinery, locations of factories, companies and organizations for use in documentation of industrial and other projects, publicity articles and similar matters.


Advertising photography

Photography of products and/or considered places to be used in all publicity and print affairs ranging from brochures and catalogue to billboards and other large format tableaux.


Panorama photography

Photography with wide view spans ranging from 15 to 360 degrees in just one frame to illustrate big and wide places which may not be seen in one frame. This technique doubles the attraction and greatness of the place showing all details naturally and unaffected.


Model and personage photography

Photography of models and portraits to be used for advertisement, elections, journals and magazines of clothing and similar issues.


News photography

Photography and video coverage of official ceremonies and programs of organizations and companies.


Aerial photography

Photography from unmanned or manned helicopters (depending on projects) for exceptional video recording from high points with 360 degrees view of surrounding area with abilities of flights inside buildings or in open areas.


360-degree photography - locations

Photography with ability of magnification and turning 360 degrees in the environment under roofs or in open areas for the best view of the location and creation of virtual tours.


360-degree photography - products

Photography with ability of magnification and turning products and goods 360 degrees round itself to get better views.




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